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Originally Posted by Badger View Post
Please don't flame me guys..zedder doesn't get on too often..I have an off topic question for him and I'm not tryin to jack the thread..but Zedder...are you guys going to be putting all the stripes on at the factory now?? have you heard anything of this?
Yeah we have heard of this. It looks as though thats the way it's gonna happen. Although anything could change, but i doubt it. They hired temp agency workers to staff the adjacent building for that sole purpose is what we were told. Stripe packages will be applied at the subfactory then the vehicles will be shipped is what we were told. IF anyone else who knows a bit more about the delaings going on "Scott" i would appreciate it. I dont want to start rumours but thats what we were told, and thats the way it looks like its gonna go.

BTW i have been bugging Scott since the drawing board of 06 for a stripper version for the general public. I would buy 2 and stuff the biggest engine chevy makes into it and that gets 2 mpg and sets off car alarms 4 miles away. And a twin turbo buick 3.8 engine ala the GN GNX variations.
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