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Originally Posted by You_Blabbed_Quaid View Post
I am really annoyed right now. I haven't had a ticket in over 3.5 years and three weeks into owning a Camaro I got nailed for speeding (80km/h in a 50 but cop made it a 100km/h in an 80). So instead of getting nailed with a $220 ticket I got handed a $95 ticket and 3 demerit points. What worries me now is summer hasn't even begun and that was my "free pass" in that cops will not give me a break if I get nabbed for speeding again.

It's my own damn fault for coming out of work like a bat out of hell but I am still driving my old four banger around and constantly switching between the two cars is brutal because one takes forever to accelerate while the Camaro hits 50km in about a second :P.

Anyway, does anyone else have any ticket stories they care to share from their Camaro so I don't feel so bad?

You have a Camaro in London?! Are you the only person their that drives one? Last time I was in London all I saw were the little gay smart cars... I bet the women dig that car over their!
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