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Originally Posted by Steve Dallas View Post
I've been pulled over 3 times and gotten 2 tickets over the last year and 3 months since I got my Camaro.

I got both of tickets back in July/August, and was pulled over with no ticket about a month prior to those.

The first time was the luckiest in that I didn't get a ticket. I was on a 3 lane highway, and was in the center lane. I was doing about 63 in a 60, and there was a long line of slower cars in the rightmost lane, with the other two lanes almost completely clear. A BMW was in the middle lane, doing about 58-59, so I pulled into the left lane to pass him. My exit was about a mile ahead, so had everyone maintained their speeds, I would have easily passed and then been able to pull back into the right lane past all the slow cars in the right lane. When I got next to the BMW, it sped up to match my speed. I sped up to 68ish, and it matched speeds. I slowed back down to 60, and it matched speed. I slowed down to 55 and it matched speed. You get the point. Since my exit was coming up, I knew I needed to get over to the right. Had I braked hard, I would have been next to the line of cars going slowly in the right, so I decided to punch it and get past the BMW so I could exit the freeway. It -tried- to match speeds, but couldn't. It was reasonably fast though, so I was doing about 100-110 when I could safely pull into the middle and right lane and slow back down to a normal speed. I then exited the freeway, only to see flashing lights behind me as I was pulling to the intersection and the end of the offramp. I made a right and another right with the cop behind me and pulled over as soon as it was safe. The female officer got out, and I politely handed her my license. She stated that she saw me doing about 80MPH, and asked why I was going so fast. I explained about how the BMW sped up and slowed down, and she basically warned me about speeding and let me go on my way. Note that my radar detector never went off so she must have been in the line of slower cars and was probably guestimating my speed. Very lucky on my part though.
That's interesting. Lucky the cop didn't give you a ticket. It's unbelievable how there's always some moron out there and the cops pull over the wrong car.

I wish radar detectors were legal up here. At least even if I got pulled over and it hadn't gone off I could ask them to look at their speed gun. I've heard stories of people doing that in Canada anyway but I don't have the balls. Just my luck I would ask to see the radar and they would promptly show it to me and not knock the ticket down .
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