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To look at diversity I would like to see green as well. Never buy one but I think it should be built. I would like to know for sure on the HUD, but the Nav is not a big deal. I mostly use mine as a HUD speedometer.

We definitely need the Z28 with 550 HP. I am so there.

Dual climate control? not so much, don't use it in my truck, in fact it is almost annoying.

Make all the dealer installed options FACTORY installed options.

Seems like any vehicle I drive I find little things that would make it more friendly or would need a bit better design. I remember when they had round and square buttons on the GM trucks, one for power windows, one for power locks and you always knew which one you were going to push until the next year when they shaped them all the same. Little things like that go a long ways with me.

I read today that Ford is moving thier radio antenna from the front to the rear on the 2010 Mustang. Until people get this car and start driving i don't know that we can add much detail to the list and I think we already have a damn good start.

It would be nice to see some subtle changes on an annual basis though, just so some of us could easily tell the years apart.
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