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Originally Posted by wildpaws View Post
So are you quoting websites like this article at Top

"2008-2009 Chevrolet Camaro
Combining dramatic design and exciting performance, the Chevrolet Camaro Concept recaptures the spirit of one of the most popular sport coupes of all time and redefines the Camaro for new generations of fans.

The Camaro Concept embodies the performance and passion that have made first-generation Camaros some of the most sought-after collector cars, updating the formula with a fuel-efficient powertrain, sophisticated chassis and contemporary design execution. The goal is to make the sport coupe relevant to younger enthusiasts while retaining its appeal to its current fans.

"Millions of people of all ages fell in love with the Camaro for all of the right reasons," said Ed Welburn, General Motors vice president, global design. "Camaros were beautiful to look at and offered performance that could rival expensive European GTs. Yet they were practical enough to drive every day and priced within the reach of many new car buyers."

The long hood, short deck and wide stance of the Camaro Concept leave no doubt that it is a serious performance car. Those looks are backed up by a 400-horsepower aluminum small-bock V-8, a six-speed manual transmission, and a sophisticated chassis with four-wheel independent suspension.

Though only a show car at this point, the Camaro Concept is intended to explore customer reaction to design and engineering elements that might lead to an all-new version of the Camaro."

Please note that it says only a show car at this point to explore customer reaction....... that "might" lead to an all new version of the Camaro.

Or perhaps this one:

Csaba Csere, editor-in-chief, interviews Tom Peters, Camaro design director, during a day of driving this hot concept at GM's proving grounds.
June 2006

Five months have passed since the Camaro concept made its debut. GM has paid attention to the industry's reaction and given the journalist community its first drive of this hot coupe. Have you been wondering what inspired the comeback, or when it might be put into production? If you have, then click on our video icon above to see that and more.

Some of the most important and captivating debuts of the Los Angeles and Detroit auto shows came from beleaguered automaker General Motors. Chevrolet's Camaro, GM's long-awaited response to the successful 2005 Ford Mustang, arrived at the Detroit show in concept form. Officially, the Camaro is only a design exercise to gauge public reaction, but we believe this pony car is on the fast track to production."

You'll note the date June 2006 and it is still listed as a show vehicle to gauge customer reaction, they "think" it is on the fast track to production. Now lets see......from show vehicle to production in under 18 months (2008).....I don't think so.

So perhaps your "reality" is a little skewed, not that it really matters to me. I know what I believe and that is all that is important to me.
Like I said before, my reality is to believe in what I can see and touch. Can't see nor touch rhetoric about a 2012 GM ZL1 Camaro, but I've seen and touched a 2011 SLP ZL1 Camaro. Story over. All the rhetoric in the world can't change that.
And do I believe a corporation like GM "could" tool a facility to produce a vehicle in 18mos. expecially when they already have the blueprints, and 80% of the parts are from other vehicles? You're damn right I do.
Look at the past 18mos.
Suddenly, GM has all kinds of new vehicles and technologies available that weren't even on the horizon when they were begging for taxpayer dollars to keep their asses employed. Not bad for a bankrupt company eh?
Is the GM ZL1 possible? Sure it is. My point numerous threads ago was currently, the ZL1 brand belongs to SLP, that is a fact. Will there be a GM ZL1 and discontinuation of the SLP ZL1 in 2012? Will it be more or less powerfull than the SLP ZL1, I don't know, except for the hype, the devil is in the details, and you nor I know the details.
We just keep beating a dead horse on the head, in my belief simply because neither of us will run from a good fight, and I can't go outside and drive my 475rwhp. SS in the snow, so I'm bored with television, so prefer to jerk around on this forum trying to spark some excitement or do research on my next mod.
I'm sure you'll agree with that statement.
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