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Originally Posted by diddiyo View Post
Here, check this out. Don't know how they're doing it, but maybe we could do something like this as well? Just an idea
Could this be what the other information is going to be on the location that we used our ORDER number on out photo could be for? (

2. My dealer called me today and let me know that my car had moved to a 3000 - Accepted by order production and sent me a new Order Workbench printout.....some are trying, and I appreciate it.

Have you happened to try to log back into
With your Photo order number to see if there happens to be anything new there? That is if you got a Photo with the order number on it. Sorry if you havent gotten yours yet.

3. Hey - Someone changed my logon at Chevy for the BAC logon today. Because I was checking status at I cant even check my own status anymore. I am the marketing director for our dealerships - no one knows what happened. Maybe the District Mgr. changed it?


CamaroScotty - you think my Dist. Mgr. Changed my BAC # or the Dealer Principal??

Things like above part of reason post was shut down IMO.:(
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