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Originally Posted by UCF w00t View Post
It is a relatively simple issue but they've made the decision to delay CGM by a few weeks. We don't have all the scheduling details of their other lines and the reasons I've stated above make perfect sense as to why they can't just do it now. It's not like they're delaying it by 3 months or something. If they have it in place by April, thats only 10 days of production lost and the only cars affected will be the ones that are #1 or #2 at their dealer and the dealers that can place orders in the first 2 weeks. It sounds like most dealers only got one allocation for the entire build month so half of them will probably still be able to order CGM for even their first cars. Shoot, they may just have allow the dealers to put in the orders still and the plant will just hold the CGM orders until it's ready. Who knows. This is a very small speed bump and I really see no reason to get worked up over it.

And I'm definitely not one of the people that has blind faith in GM especially when it comes to keeping us in the dark. See the numerous ABL thread where I've been outspoken in my argument that they should tell us what's going on.
like the post from yesterday till end of April not OK...
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