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Originally Posted by SAE05 View Post
A few things . . .

- Functional cowl hood or functional CAI type hood.
- Make RS fascia available for ALL models. Non slot
- Relocate back up lamps, cleaner fascia.
- Redesigned instrument panel, one that integrates all gauges. Do not like looking down to view them.
- Eliminate auto dimming interior RVM option.
- Electric steering

- Hide-away headlamps
Some questions/comments - There is no RS specific fascia. The RS package only adds HIDs, 20in wheels with specific finish, darker taillamps, spoiler on non-SS models, colored roof ditch moldings, and badges.

Just wondering why you'd want the auto-dimming mirror eliminated. Do you want it optional, or do you want it removed completely?

And why would you ever want electric steering over hydraulic? You generally lose so much steering feel and communication. Sure it has a very marginal fuel economy gain, but is that really worth it? Heck no.
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