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Talking Great Customer Service & Fair Pricing Here

Hello, and thanks for checking out my sale post here on I seemed to have gotten your attention without all the CAPS TEXT or !!!!! or PRICING PRICING PRICING SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY type thread titles that are so common nowadays. That sort of stuff annoys me too.

What makes me different from the other wheel sales companies?

My name is Tony, and I've been selling custom made forged wheels since 2001; hard to believe it has been 10 years now. I started off with 2 brands back then, and now I'm representing at least 25 brands of wheels. You'll never find me out there claiming I have the lowest prices in the universe. Not my style. If you are buying simply based on price alone, then you likely aren't my type of customer. People come to me seeking professional advice on wheel styles, brands, and fitment. They want someone that doesn't play the hard sale games, or who lies to make a quick sale. The majority of my business comes from repeat customers and referrals. I have numerous happy customers here on I value my reputation far more than a set of cheap quality wheels. I wouldn't sell any brands I would not personally put on my own vehicles.

As for vehicles, I'm a car guy, well a car fanatic. I do most of my own wrenching, in my 2,400 sq-ft full service shop. That shop isn't a rental unit, I own it and it is on my own property. I restore classic musclecars and modify late model performance cars as a hobby. I also drag race and road race my cars, and usually do the Hotrod Power Tour each year. I also write articles and shoot photos for various automotive magazines. I actually attained my degree in mechanical engineering due to my love for cars, and wanting to understand how they work. I consider myself a community member first, not a wheel salesperson. You'll find me participating in other areas on the site, not just trying to shove sales threads down your throat. As for my own car resume, take a look:

I focus my business around cars that I love. I also differentiate myself from other companies by actually owning vehicles that I sell wheels for. I take all the wheel fitment measurements myself, using my own vehicles. Those cars also serve as a nice photo models for various wheels that come through my hands. I've even seen other wheel vendors use photos of my cars to sell their wheels, that always makes me kinda laugh. Go buy your own cars to sell with!

Thanks for reading my story. If you are that type of customer that appreciates it, then you are my type of customer. As for brands I carry, here is the list to browse from. Your mouse will get a good workout.

Please contact me or post here for a fairly priced quote. It may actually be the lowest price out there, but I don't need to claim that to get your attention. Sometimes it just happens


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