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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
I love the look of the current ZL1 wheels, I think they nailed it with that design. But, if they offered a midnight chrome finish option....that would make the car look even hotter. I would order mine in all black, with the black chrome finished wheels. The Intimidator would give a grin for sure if he were still with us. I hope Chevy does the midnight chrome option. I mentioned this before Tom Oates Chevy was doing the factory SS wheels in that finish on his Calloway S/C upgrades and it looked so sharp. With the black carbon hood, black body panels and trim, and a black interior the contrasting exterior blend of all the black shades from flat to shiney and metallic will make it look so bad a__ evil. A Hell raiser for sure if there was ever one. Good guys wear black.

Black chrome would look awesome on the stock wheels
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