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Originally Posted by caverman View Post my car re-aligned yesterday. Had him tune the bushings. The guy spent a good 2hrs doing everything and I watched as he loosened up everything.

My dad rode along with me because he didn't have anything going on. Funny thing was that he was commenting how springy it felt on the way to the shop.

Afterwards we both agreed that some to the springy feeling was gone. You still feel dips in the road but you are going to get that even from the factory with these cars.

All in All I'm very glad I had it done. What was even better is that he only charged me $100. I think that's because we started doing some bench racing while he was working. He has a C5 Z06 that he had just put a supercharger on. So, over the course of those 2 hrs or so we had some good talks about our cars and racing them at the track.
Very cool in several ways.
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