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Ya I am just not a ford man but like Tag said we respect your ride, I guess it is just how you were raised like my whole family is Chevrolet all the way. But I never did part with my best Camaro the 92 Z28 it sets in the garage beside my dads 73 Z28, I only drive it on good days like when I have a date or going out with a few friends and want to show it off. But I don't want to drive it every day because I got the car when I was 13 and got a job and paid it off at age 15. Then started fixing it up all new ground effects 18in rims and a big sound system and the ram air hood and the fancy spoiler. And all this time and money I got into it I don't want to wreck it or have somebody to hit me All and I lowered it it sets 2.5in off the ground. So I went and bought a 96 Chevrolet S-10 w/a 350 in which I like and I lowered it too, 3in off the ground. But I guess I will start fixing it up next. But it sucks I am working to jobs after school and weekends to pay for the truck and insurance on both of them.
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