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From Firebird, head West on I-10, then East on the Loop 202. Depending on how long you want the route to be, I would suggest the Santan 202 all the way around til you hit US60 Westbound, then take the US60 West back to I 10 and back to Firebird. No lights at all other than at the traffic interchange/ onramp to I 10 at Firebird, would only need to block that one light to keep the pack together. The Santan 202 should be relatively traffic free on the weekend, particularly around midday. If you want things longer, stay on the loop 202 and take it all the way around to the loop 101, then go South on the 101 back to the 60 or Santan 202.

Either route would be multilane highway with 65MPH speed limits and LEO's that let you cruise 10 over without issue. Traffic would be a bit heavier around typical rush hour times (6-9A, 3-7P), but not nearly as bad on the weekend as during the week. I'm assuming this would be on Sat? If it's going to be during the week, I would do it midday (think noonish) or at night, like 8PM, or else traffic is going to be a pita.

Only issue would be construction, but we can find out about that beforehand from ADOT, should be on their website or posted elsewhere.
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