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Following in her siblings footsteps, Mina will be adorned with Camaro5 stickers soon Placed my order this weekend and I can't wait to share our community with others...
And on that note, I had an awesome experience driving down JTB this past Saturday...I saw a RJT Camaro a few cars ahead of me. Usually, I flash my lights at fellow owners or give a wave and a thumbs up, but I knew I had to give this guy more.
In his backseat it looked like one of his kids was glued to the back window looking at my car. When I got closer I could see that they had a LT (not hating on v6's!) and the guy's son recognized the mail slot So I pulled up beside them and gave them my usual thumbs up
I could see their son was still drooling, so I showed them what a V8 with a muffler delete sounds like and sped off lol. I slowed down before I got off on my exit and waved again to the family as they went by.
My only wish is that I had the window stickers on so the owner might have seen and checked us out!
Just wanted to share the brief story, and say once again that I LOVE this forum. I look forward to reading these posts everyday and hopefully meeting more of you as the years go on...

Here's to Chevrolet and the Camaros we adore
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