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Originally Posted by 2010SSRSM6 View Post
I can't see it being that hard to drop 350-400 pounds off this platform. Go back to 18" rims, put in a lighter/smaller displacement engine, lighter suspension components, remove the back seat, etc.....

The Z06's LS7 weighs in @ 458 pounds, the LS3 is 415 pounds. Both of these engines are dated and the 5.5L is already in use in the Corvette GT2 race car. That is a pretty good indication that it will be hitting the streets in the Corvette. I can't see it being over 350 pounds. That is 1/5 the weight the car needs to loose, and a good chunk off the front end.
Sorry, but 350 to 400 pounds is wayyyyyyy too much. All of the things you listed, including making it a 2 passnger car (cough Corvette, cough, cough) would save maybe 150 pounds.

To get where you would like to go involves light weight and exotic materials. I know this from my work on the Z06 where we got an aluminum structure, carbon fiber fender outers, carbon fiber floor panels, carbon fiber fendes and we saved all of .................drum roll please.................165 pounds. And almost all of my guys work was off set by larger wheels and tires, LS7 with remote oil reservoir and Big Ginormous Brakes.

It's just not feasible to get that much weight out without adding a big, humungous pile of cash. And you know what that translates into on the sticker of a low volume car (no rear seats means ultra low volume as you are really now talking a Corvette) don't you????
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