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Originally Posted by ddavis View Post
Awesome dude, great numbers! Traction control is really pointless when trying to open it up with those numbers. It will steal alot of your power and can get a little funky cutting stuff off to try to find traction. Now your going to need some rubber for all that power

Nicks a big fan of Meth, he talked me into it and im pretty happy he did. The car pulls consistent everytime now, no heatsoak. Not alot of trouble to deal with. I buy a $33 5 gallon drum of meth and add a little to the car every few weeks depending on how hard im driving. It took me about 7 months to go through that 5 gallon drum.

You got a pic of the dyno, would love to check it out, your rides a beast!
I'm getting new tires this Saturday, with wider rims to (10"). I'll post up the dyno sheet later this afternoon.
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