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Toronto Auto Show!

Hey Guys,

Just thought i'd re-post with pics:

"I just got back from the Toronto Autoshow where they had the IOM Camaro SS with white stripes and the Black LT1 Camaro. You could sit in both of them, and let me say that it was everything i though and hoped it'd be. I'm decent sized guy (6ft 235lbs), i had no problems getting in or out, the steering wheel adjusted well out of my lap and the seats were really comfy, soft but firm, like they should be. Also had plenty of head room.

The styling is great. I got out of it and started walking around a bit and i had that feeling in my stomach/chest, that feeling when you know that that car is the one you want. Inside and out the car is amazing. I also noticed that the engine compartment has a lot of room in it, very nice, im used to seeing cars nowadays that done have any room in there. Speaking of room, the backseat, you could fit someone back there if you needed too, children wouldnt have a problem, your dog could fit back there no prob. The cockpit and passenger seat offer ample room. the dash is great, i wish i could have turned on the electronics to see the gauges all lit up.

The radio and heating control clusterf eels as if it could function flawlessly, they really thought out the design of it so it looks nice but it isnt a pain in the ass.

The center console had a decent amount of storage, the e-brake wasnt cumbersome, however if you leave it on you'll notice it. Lots of shoulder and ass room, it really just right.

I should have the photos up soon, man im sooo pleased."
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