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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
So....because GM wasn't first this time around to produce a car with LOW demand and likely few here would buy....they're a follower and therefor inferior?

Wake up and smell the rubber people....while these cars are really cool, and we all drool over them -- the demand is almost non-existent and the return-on-investment is not worth it unless the only goal is bragging rights. (In a market where the Camaro is dominating the Mustang at every turn...bragging rights would be important for Ford, right now)

Remember...while Ford can throw some $$$ at this extremely-niche vehicle; GM financially supports both the Camaro AND the Corvette (one model of which is a better performer than 99% of production cars in the world). Put any Mustang up against even *just* a Grand Sport 'Vette and get back to me..........

Sorry for the little rant...but I wish people wouldn't be so quick to draw such wild conclusions out of thin-air, sometimes....

EDIT: Oh, and one more thing....just wait a little bit longer for the ZL1 to put down some numbers...I think MANY will be (or should be) blown away...
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