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Originally Posted by 2010SSRSM6 View Post
150 pound diet works for me.

Corvette > Camaro in every aspect except passenger volume. Dropping the rear seat in a "track Pack" car shouldn't have any impact on the Corvette. Keeping the production numbers down would ensure that.

With the ZL1 having MR suspension, SC'd, larger tires, etc the weight is going the wrong direction. There has to be something that can be done on this platform that can reduce some weight. Going with the smaller 5.5L DI V8 will help, but it can't end there.CF isn't always the way to go with weight savings in mind. I know the RK Sport OEM style CF hood had zero weight difference compared to the factory SS hood. The thin aluminum that is used on the body panels isn't that heavy.

Now if they could do something to cut the weight down in the doors.... It's all nice in theory, but I'm sure if it is ever made it will be bad azz anyway.
Decreasing displacement will not reduce wieght at all, Its still a small block. The 5.5 ltr displacement V8 that the vette used in le-mans is the 6.2 block with the 4.8 Crank.
OHV are already the lightest V8 on the market, I honestly can't think of any lighter ones because most other companies use DOHC which are naturaly heavier. For example the BMW M3 4.0 V8 wieghs more than the LS3.
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