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Originally Posted by SQUALO View Post
I don't want to overload the thread with similar pics, so I will just critique the show. It was a great show, although downscaled from years past as far as inventory.

Myself, along with Scott (Canadian Camaro) & Dennis (TJ91) met at the Camaro display as planed and spent about 1hr. just over the IOM Camaro, great meeting you guys in person. I had to pry Dennis out of the driver seat a few times , and everytime I turned back guess where he was? that's right back in the driver seat

I was very impressed with the car overall, and I was also pleased to see how comfortable the cloth seats, in the LT, were as well. I know it was mentioned on the long trip down to the U.S., in the RED 1SS, but you really don't appreciate it, until you feel it for yourself.

All in all I think it's a GREAT car and the following is soooo true:
Whenever the opportunity permits to see & feel the car (maybe even drive) don't pass it up!


P.S. No offence to the knowledgeable sales people out there & on this forum, but I heard one of the salesmen at the show tell a couple that the car was SOLD OUT in Oshawa and you couldn't get one . I looked right at him, laughed in his face, then told the couple (in private) the truth about the car and told them they can find out anything they want on our forum.
The Lt's Cloth seats were indeed amazing, the middle of the seat was comfortable and provided good support, While the outside of the seat was a little stiffer (but by no means uncomfortable) so it'll hold you in place.
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