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a car like tht for 800? id say go for it. but a couple of words of advice: 1-ask if u can take it out for a COUPLE of drives before u buy it. this is not only to make sure it runs well, but try to pay attention to any noises tht sound out of the ordinary, and if u notice something, mention it to the owner, and see if u can figure out wat it might be. 2- if u plan on fixing it up, take stock of wat needs to be done, and how much u can spend on it. 3- if u want to save even more money, just do wat my grandpa did for my camaro. the guy wanted 800 for it. my grandpa offered him 200 lol. he lowered his price to 550, and i was able to afford some other stuff on it.
good luck, i hope it works out!
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