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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I got the joke was just really big.

You some ground to say you're upset. But you owe it to yourself to look at the big picture and realize what's really happening. You should be glad they delayed the car a month. Because they found some issues during test-fleet driving that they didn't want to pass onto you and I, the customer...

Then, suppose GM shut its mouth and its doors, and we only learn about this car's existance last month. We'd never know that Cyber Gray was delayed...we'd never know that the darn car even goes through the same paint booth as the Impala...therefore, none of us would have any ground to be annoyed that Cyber Gray cars happen to be coming out later than other colored cars. I'm not saying you shouldn't be a little peeved. All I'm saying is that GM gave us that ground to stand on and get pissed...use it responsibly, instead of lodging "this is why they're failing" remarks.

No attitude here, bud...The TRUTH is, not opinion, that the delay in production is an example of the new GM's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, not the reason they're in trouble. And the color's delay was a poor case of bad timing...
Alas driving that #$%^ Beater Hyundai one more month is a really big big pain the the $#!! , and it's no joke
Sorry I didn't got the memo about the standardized use of Font size and color didnt meant to make anybody uncomfortable with that.

I'm looking around myself and trying humbly to see the big picture, I'm trying to depict the point of view I have and obviously it is different than yours. I dont see why you make so much of a problem of all this.

GM is on the edge. It's not a politically incorrect "remark", it's a fact.
I'm even upset to hear so many excuse for so many delays and things that will not be like what where announced, when I think about all the good peoples working hard in that company to make things work.
And I'm speaking of friends of mine.

GM is not letting info filter and opening itself just by good luck... it's called grass roots marketing.
It's great don't get me wrong, I love to get these insights and info's.
But if they continue not to be able to stand behind their announcements and revelations, I'll continue to be disappointed that's all. And I'm sure a lot of peoples will too. That's my opinion.

"No attitude here, bud...The TRUTH is, not opinion" well you see I don't pretend my post is "The TRUTH", still not that perfect. Still just posting my opinion. What kind of unreasonable use of this forum am I doing I'm asking you ? I'm I unreasonable in the fact my view differs from yours ?
I'll return your remark : you owe it to yourself to look at the big picture and realize what is really happening.

I wish GM rises from it's ashes. For the Camaro, Chevy, and all the friends I have working over there, who by the way get "a little peeved" too when they hear that 2 month delay is part of GM's new commitment to customer satisfaction.

Still with no attitude meant


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