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Originally Posted by Shadow-phoenix View Post
as i said, it needs tlc, but the guy who owns the garage said that it ran good when he parked it, and the writing on the for sale sign hasn't faded, so it hasn't been sittig there for too long.

would there be any visible way to tell if it is an espirit firebird?
On the V.I.N. plate is visible through the windshield on the driver's side dash panel decodes as follows on 1972 - 1980 models:

1st digit: GM line number:
2nd digit: Series number:
S=Base Firebird
V=Trans Am (1972-74)
W=Trans Am (1975-1980)
X=10th Anniversary Trans Am (1979)
X=Turbo Indy Trans Am (1980)
3rd and 4th digit: Body type number:
87=Sport Coupe
5th digit: Engine code:
A=231 c.i.d. 2-bbl V6 (1978-80)
C=231 c.i.d. 2-bbl V6 (1977)
D=250 c.i.d. 1-bbl L6 (1972-76)
G=305 c.i.d. 2-bbl V8 (1979)
H=305 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1975)
H=305 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1980)
J=350 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1976)
K=403 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1977-79)
L=350 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1978)
M=350 c.i.d. 2-bbl V8, single exh. (1972-76)
N=350 c.i.d. 2-bbl V8, dual exh. (1972-74)
R=400 c.i.d. 2-bbl V8, single exh. (1972-74)
P=400 c.i.d. 2-bbl V8, dual exh. (1973-74)
P=350 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1977)
R=350 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1977)
S=400 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1975-76)
S=265 c.i.d. 2-bbl V8 (1980)
T=400 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8, dual exh. (1972-74)
T=301 c.i.d. TC 4-bbl V8 (Turbo) (1980)
U=305 c.i.d. 2-bbl V8 (1978)
W=455 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1975-76)
W=301 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1979-80)
X=455 c.i.d. 300 hp 4-bbl V8 H.O. (1972)
X=455 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 S.D. (1973-74)
Y=455 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1973-74)
Y=301 c.i.d. 2-bbl V8 (1977, 1979)
Y=301 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 T/A 4.9 (1980)
Z=400 c.i.d. 4-bbl V8 (1977-79)
6th digit: Last digit of the model year:
7th digit: Assembly plant location:
L=Van Nuys, California
N=Norwood, Ohio
8th through 13th digits: Sequential
production number starting with 500001
for all 1972 models and 100001 for all
1973-80 models.
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