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Sounds like cheap valve springs. Hope it didnt cause too much damage. Like Jason said I would go with double valve springs from a good company.

Originally Posted by lexlueger View Post
:( yeah soooo... My car lasted 2 whole days after getting my supercharger(2300) installed. Went out on Wednesday to run a few errands and decided ehhh WTH I'll take the camaro! Never made it... I was cruising along about 38 mph ish and punched it. It ran fine the day before but this time it sounded "funny". I could see that the car was making boost*around 6-7 psi* and it was injecting methanol according to boost as it should.
No loud pops or bangs, it just felt like a misfire of some sorts. Horrible idle and stuttering. Soo I popped the hood and the actuator/wastgage? on the maggie is moving back and forth with the rpms WTF!?!?
Long story short got it towed and yeah broken valve spring. I was running Mast's VVT stage 1 cam and nitrited beehive springs.
The car had been cammed for almost a year only one issue..It threw a cam over advance code on long trips but always cleared itself.

What could have caused this...any ideas or next course of action? Should I call MAST
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