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My low-mount Twin Turbo build

For the past couple of months I've been slowly building a twin turbo setup for my car. I managed to fabricate everything and custom build everything myself using everyday tools. However, I have a lot of oiling problems and think I may have blown the seals in both turbos even when running restrictors and check valves. Also, I don't like how low the intercooler pipes are so a lot of custom intercooler piping will need to be made if I wanted to continue. I'm not too comfortable with the setup and the money and time needed to fix the problems so I've decided to put her back to stock. I managed the to get the t3 turbo up-pipes w/ 38mm wastegates digitized so if anyone wants to custom build their own TT setup, you can buy a pair of stainless up-pipes from me for $650 and $500 in aluminized. I have yet to build the turbo-back exhaust but here are a few pics and a video:

Up-pipes (used with stock headers):

Turbo's mounted underneath car:

Video of car running 8psi going 85mph in a little less than 1/8th of mile with only 3/4 throttle on base tune:

I have some stuff for sale in the kit including a turbowerx oil pump, oil lines fitted for the turbos in a similar position, check valves and other stuff. I also have a detailed list of all the parts I bought from the turbos to each fitting size used and socket sizes with prices, an oil routing diagram, and where to buy each part. The total price of all parts is from 3800-5200 depending on the turbos and wastegates used. My setup cost 3800.

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