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Originally Posted by CRChevy View Post
I have been reading and the only thing I have seen was one guy who was posting pics of his turbo with no details and 100 pages of thread.

And another guy who dynoed the same stock after the instillation.

Does anyone DD or have a v6 maro with STS turbo installed ? What kind of HP would one expect ? I am about to lay out 7k+ for this but can't find any solid info...
Look at the "STS Turbo Installed" thread by ZMaddness. He just posted a video of him racing it. No dyno yet, but it's kinda hard to get a car from one island to another in HI. Jim505 also has the STS kit and has raced the road course with it and handed a few SSs their tails. Like a lot of racers, these guys are less worried about Dynos and more worried about performance. So, let's just say the STS can easily get you close to the same RWHP as the SS with the LS3. Increasing the boost will get you beyond those numbers and ZMadness will be trying that in the next few weeks.

So, if all you are waiting on is dyno sheets to buy the kit, then why not buy it and post your dyno sheets?
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