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Originally Posted by CRChevy View Post
I have been reading and the only thing I have seen was one guy who was posting pics of his turbo with no details and 100 pages of thread.

And another guy who dynoed the same stock after the instillation.

Does anyone DD or have a v6 maro with STS turbo installed ? What kind of HP would one expect ? I am about to lay out 7k+ for this but can't find any solid info...
I have dyno'd the kit at 5 psi. with 350 at the wheels. I just don't have access to a 1/4 dragstrip. I have autocrossed it a couple of times. There are several STS kits that have been installed and running. Just no one has a 1/4 slip yet. By end of spring, you will see several. Not sure if you were referring to my post but if you were, probably didn't read through all the post (I know it plenty). Hurst has even installed/dyno'd there STS powered V-6. Also Unrestricted Motorsports did theirs (saw it at SEMA) and he has taken it to track days. So not sure about your no details but it works fine. There will be a twin available shortly although that one has not been finalized yet (gretchen).
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