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Originally Posted by Blue70SS View Post
Okay, time to come clean...

I had to mess with "2010 SS RS" - Larry, and was hoping to get a rise out of "mtcwby" - Don. Had to make it look real, so posted in a few places. Larry already picked up on it ..... I got to help install an RPM in his Larry's last weekend along with Brian from Laramie Chevrolet. I'm just not quite ready to loose my rear seat. But the thought of needing one is quite entertaining.

So here's the cost and options for the FNR Rollbar system (Fun Noodle Rollbar):

Purple, Yellow, Red, or Blue.... $15
Holy Cow - That thing is made out of "Floatie Noodles" ?

You had me fooled - Doh !
Looks just like the Firebird's first rollcage covered in blue instead of black.

That is f'n awesome !!!

Ha, ha - do you think it'd pass tech inspection... j/k.

Nice one. You need to drive around C5Fest2 with that thing in place and then pop out the sidebar when you are in the parking lot and staging lanes... You do know that it looks like the cage FastLane had in their car at the original C5Fest? Wish I had a pic. You'd laugh your a.. off.
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