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Originally Posted by swizz View Post
Dark times await for GM if they don't fix the clunky feeling of the Camaro, and I'm an SS owner at that. All I know is 1 year+ at 36k and it still feels clunky to me. Sigh. If I could get Honda S2000 crispness handling wise with the power of the Camaro, I'd be in love.
Tell you what.... get a S2000, mod it to give it seating for 4, give it a 430+ HP motor, *and* a drivetrain that can handle 430+ HP for 100,000 miles, and then we can talk about how the Camaro got it "wrong" by feeling "clunky" in comparison to a tiny, underpowered S2000.

Oh yeah, 1 more thing... it has to sell for less than $35k.

Seriously though, -- cars with the Camaro's HP and the handling of the S2000 are available, but you need to bring at least $200,000 to the table to get the keys.
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