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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
I bet you could get 20-40 lbs out of subframes using lighter materials...but they'd need to be totally redesigned and stress-tested, validated, etc to ensure performance-to-spec. Different materials have different torsional, and tensile characteristics.

An aluminum frame is a good thought...however, the Camaro is unibody, which the Corvette isn't...not really; they call it a 'spaceframe' design. And once they were done? They saved a grand total of ~150 lbs...Certain Camaro design features, such as the rear 'shoulders'...cannot be stamped in aluminum. It was hard enough to figure out how to stamp them in steel. It becomes prohibitively expensive to try and engineer/build a unibody as complex and strong as the Camaro's out of aluminum.

They'll have to tackle these questions on the next generation...the number one way to reduce weight without exorbitant expense would be to shrink it's size. Then worry about exotic materials...
That is the million(s) dollar question. When they resize the Camaro will it still be as popular. I think a key reason the Camaro out sells the Mustang is that it is bigger. If they shrink it it will get lighter and faster, but what will it do to sales???
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