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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
That is the million(s) dollar question. When they resize the Camaro will it still be as popular. I think a key reason the Camaro out sells the Mustang is that it is bigger. If they shrink it it will get lighter and faster, but what will it do to sales???
I'm not sure that's a key reason it's outselling....while on the exterior it's noticeably bigger...there's not much gain in interior room. Honestly, I believe it's the style of the inside and out coupled to the value that's selling this car.

IMO....if they can build on the success of this design, massage it and scale it down. AND, of course, keep that value factor there -- it'll still continue to outsell the competition. When a car enters the market with as big of a splash as Camaro did, it makes a name for itself. In this case, it's a positive one. Now that consumers are aware it's a good buy -- they need to carefully and successfully improve on that reputation.

I'm willing to bet they can maintain interior size, optimize cargo space/access, and decrease overall dimensions (including wheels/tires!) on this next generation, thus reducing weight and amplifying every performance aspect of the car.
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