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Originally Posted by So Cal Camaro View Post
When we did the drag racing at Firebird during the Super Chevy Show last October, they required helmets for everyone regardless of how fast you ran and checked for SA 2005 or 2010 certification during tech inspection. I think it was the tracks rule.
Bingo. Most tracks hae to follow NHRA or SCCA regulations due to their insurance. I know that here in Colorado they will check the interior of the helmet for the SA rating which is not in a motorcycle helmet. Here is the written requirements direct from Firebird.

10. Helmets: Drivers of all vehicles running 13.99 or quicker, and ALL convertibles regardless of E.T., must wear an SFI-approved helmet with a Snell rating of 2000 or newer. Passengers in convertibles running 14.00 and slower must also wear an approved helmet. (Note: DOT-only helmets are not permitted. SFI-approved helmets are not permitted if the Snell label inside the helmet is missing or illegible. In other words, a Snell-rating on the outside of the helmet is not good enough.)

As of February 1, 2006 all vehicles with an aftermarket power adder, (nitrous, turbocharger, or supercharger) running faster than 13.99 will be required to wear an SFI approved fire jacket

I did notice the web page was not updated since like 2007 and the nhra rule and the scca rule is a 10 year limit on rating so I am betting it will be a snell 2005 or 2010 rating to qualify.
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