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Gretchen that would really suck if you blew the seals in yours because of how expensive your turbs are. Hopefully they are not blown and is a result of too much oil pressure or drain problems. I've heard of some stories where people thought their seals were blown but after fixing the feed or drain problems the turbos no longer leaked. What size feed line do you run? I ran 4an line with 2mm restrictors at each turbo(journal bearing t3/t4 46trim) and the mcmaster 1psi check valves on each. On the drain I just used a Y but I think I may have needed a sump box because oil is even overflowing my scavenge oxygen feed/breather near the pump thats about a foot above the turbos!

I would love to get it running perfect but Im kinda worn out for now and time is tight with my job and studies. Even though they leaked some I was still able to ride around for a while enjoying the sound of turbos spooling on my car and leaving some people in bewilderment (sounded like a jet outside of the car since there was no exhuast after the turbine). She even overboosted on me one time up to 10 psi at one point and the car is still fine. If I didnt put a pressure relief valve on the intake who knows how high it wouldve went! My wastegate was buggy, maybe oil got in the signal line. I wish I would've stayed on the supercharger path. Good luck with your twin setup, I'm confident you'll have it all worked out in no time!
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