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Originally Posted by Dangeruss View Post
Cold Nitrous Fusion.

I also looked at putting in a dual fuel pump and smaller pulley, but I decided on NOS for a few reasons:

1) Street-ability - What I'm running now is huge for the street. With NOS I can have the extra power at the track, but not run around with it all the time.

2) Temperature - Our summers are brutally hot here. A shot of NOS is great for cooling that Whipple down instantly at the track.

3) Coolness - There's nothing cooler than seeing a cloud of NOS shooting up from a car at the track; or a street meet for that matter.

I'm going with a 75 shot. I know it might be a bit risky, but it sure will be fun! If I blow it up, it'll give me an excuse to put the LSX in.
Sweet!! I'm looking forward to seeing your car run at the Fest.
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