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Originally Posted by Shadow-phoenix View Post
true, the thing's i worried about are finding that the frame is rotted, or something else is terminally damaged, and the car won't make it more that a few hundred miles. I'm gonna get it. I cant pass it up. ricers beware... there gonnabe another bird on the prowl...

P.S. Thankx spike. i kinda needed a kick in the @ss to get me going.
its not terminally damaged. there is a lot of bondo work that has been done to the car that will need to be replaced.

Originally Posted by Shadow-phoenix View Post
or was i a falcon punch to the head? either way, it worked, I'll get pics tomorrow, and get them posted asap.
it was a falcon kick to the ass.
Originally Posted by Shadow-phoenix View Post
i found a pic online, not the actual car, but same color and year, at least you will all get a taste of what I'm looking at.

Originally Posted by Shadow-phoenix View Post
2S87M3N122270 is the vin. It's got a 2 barrel carb on a 350, but that's ok with me.
why wouldnt that be ok? granted a 4bbl might allow a little more fuel/air in. it could also flood it out.

but for some panels and other body stuff... check out these guys.
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