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Well just got back from Newtech. After speaking with a couple people, I'm just going to toss the numbers from the Stillen dyno day away.

Based on what I was at with Newtech Performance when I brought my car back up with 1200 miles on the car, I've gained 45 rwhp/50 torque with longtubes, a 3" exhaust and a smaller pulley increasing my boost to 6psi. I'm going to be at 7-8 pounds sooner or later. I just need to talk to procharger and return the pulleys. I'm not sure why the tech told me I'd be at 7-8 pounds with the pulley he sent me. I'm not sure if the boost is fluttering because of the 5-6 psi or if it's because of bad piping of the system, but who knows...

Here it is. blue line was baseline with the bolt on P1 at 1200 miles. Red is with the Longtubes/exhaust/pulley and 9650 miles. Numbers are SAE corrected.
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