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Originally Posted by mlee View Post
Guarantee Andy made it that way, his stuff is engineered perfectly... and Owen can fix it if not...

Sure wish I would have made the first pic in this thread... Here's mine from the same day...
Yea... i have faith in Andy, but it sure looks crooked when out of the box.

That was the same day wasnt it! Did we meet that day? Its hard to remember.. i kind of blacked out after i sat in the IOM 2SS

Originally Posted by Shardik2SS View Post
I thought it looked angled when I first looked at it, but then I figured that was just me.

Here are a couple pics of mine.
hmm, well thats weird.. mine looks crooked.. well yours sort of does too in the first pic. Guess it will fit.. or we will leave it up to Owen to make sure it works.
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