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Originally Posted by Kyle.Gilmour View Post
That was the same day wasnt it! Did we meet that day? Its hard to remember.. i kind of blacked out after i sat in the IOM 2SS

hmm, well thats weird.. mine looks crooked.. well yours sort of does too in the first pic. Guess it will fit.. or we will leave it up to Owen to make sure it works.
I never laid eyes on mine in person, but they both look slightly crooked. Maybe it's the angle of your pic because it looks slightly more crooked than mine. Either way, it'll look good once it's in because mine sure does. You'll love it!

Side note, I need to call the tech support line of the company that makes the gauges. My AFR gauge has recently started bouncing all over the damn place. I'll be idling and it'll jump from 11 to 19 to 14 to 10.....and it's even gotten stuck at 47.5 on a few occasions. I spoke with Andy and he said that it was odd for it to do that, but that it may need calibrated.
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