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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
I know the rate you quoted is crazy low!
If you just showed up the work would come, but the problem is, how much work is gonna be there?
Good luck with this.

I have a buddy that has a used car lot in PHX, want me to give him a shout and see what he says? PM me if you want.
As much as I appreciate the offer, I would really like to stay on site at the speedway, I had a blast talking to other vendors and forum members between repairs. I don't have any doubt I'd get work if I showed up, but yes, the BIG question is how much? If it makes any difference, my friend Bryan is considering taking the trip with me. He repairs leather, vinyl , and plastics. Anyone that has a small blemish in their interior may want to hook up with him. But like me, he would also need enough work to justify the trip and time away from regular work...
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