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Originally Posted by Senojelyk View Post
Question for those of you with more knowledge of what GM could/would do:

So.. I am thinking I can't afford the ZL1 when it comes out or probably for a few years after, and I kinda want something a little better then an SS. If they do the Z28 do you guys think it'll be the middle ground between the two?

Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
If they do a Z28...I've got money on it being a direct competitor to the Boss Mustang...a stripped, track/handling car with marginal power increases. An unbelievable racer...with compromises to get the original Z28.

Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
For those of you that chose not to buy a ZL1 (1 year away) and wait for a Z28 (2 years away) what happens if it is a lighter car but has a less horsepower engine (example: 510 HP DI engine vs the 556HP LSA engine)?
I will still buy one.
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