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and to add insult to injury...

I'm sitting here at 11:00 tonight trying to get my Onstar Link to work on my smartphone. Took quite awhile to register, load app, set profile info, and register phone ID. Finally, try to test it by using the phone to beep the horn and flash the lights. I'm sitting in the office which shares a wall with the garage. I thought I'd be able to hear one quick beep through the wall. It took a few seconds, but all hell broke loose in the garage when the car alarm went off! I'm running around the house trying to remember where I left the car keys to shut it off. But I'm thinking if anyone hears it, they won't be able to tell which car it is because its in the garage.

I run out to the driveway. The headlights were flashing through the cracks of the garage door like ET had crashed into the house! By the time I kill it, all the neighbors are awake and peeking out their windows at me. I then realize I'm standing in the driveway in my boxer shorts...

I'm sure in the morning I'll hear all about how impressed they all are with my new car... isn't technology wonderful???


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