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CAI Cont

Seems like I gained a lot of space swaping them out under the hood. Not sure why the factory plastic is so monsterously huge, (and I'm really losing attic space storing all this crap!)

Anyway, I notice absolutely nothing power wise... then again, I am still running stock exhaust until FM figures it out. And I'm not really punching it on a regular basis either to notice throttle response. Hopefully the MPG come up a bit.

As for sound- overall my exhaust tone sounds a little deeper now. I do notice (particularily with the top down) a deeper, louder growl under hard excelleration. I've heard at WOT it's supposed to scream, but haven't made it that far yet. Below are the final product pix.

I did a before/after video, but I really didn;t notice enough difference in the video to make it worth posting.
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