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VVT Cam .......... or ......... LS3 Conversion

Ok. I know this info is spread out all over the place but I want some opinions with the idea that it will be for me.

I may be doing the install myself.....

(In case anyone hasn't seen it, member robertway did a diy write-up that is second to NONE in scope, and thouroughness with easy to understand vid, text and pics. Fantastic job.)

I want to hear opinions on the pros and cons of a VVT cam and an LS3 conversion.

My relevent mods are catless long tube headers, (Borla, so 1 3/4 primaries) 2.5" exhaust (also Borla), Fastlane cai, Magnuson TVS2300 supercharger, and it's obviously dynotuned. Everything else is stock.

Obviously it's an L99.

I'm hearing conflicting ideas and possibilities. Until yesterday, I thought VERY few people were doing VVT cams.

Now, you'll need to know my goal with this.

This will be my last power mod. With respect to the engine, I won't be doing anything else. No NOS, no blower swap, no underdrive pulley, nothing.

My order of importance is power, then sound. I want as much power as I can get and not be rocking all over the place.

I'll do a stall, and possibly rear end gears later, but this is my last power mod.

So, opinions? Insights? Lessons? Any info I can get will be great. Including wether I should do it myself or not, and where to spend my money at.

Thanks in advance.
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