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Talking Pfadt Engine Mounts $310 SHIPPED At APEX Motorsports, Camaro5's Source For Pfadt!!!!

Deflection in your drive train is robbing you of performance. Put that power to the pavement with engine mounts from Pfadt Race Engineering!

Pfadt Engine Mounts:
$310 SHIPPED!!!

An excellent solution for high horsepower or high performance Camaros, Pfadt approached these mounts as a complete system to limit unnecessary movement. The soft stock mounts allow power-robbing movement that allows the power train to shake, can break parts, and result in poor performance. Pair these engine mounts with Pfadt Camaro Differential Bushings for an unbeatable package.

Pfadt mounts are constructed in the USA with 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized for durability. Pfadt uses graphite-impregnated polyurethane bushings for excellent wear and performance.

(NOTE: These mounts will initially result in significantly increased noise, vibration, and harmonics (NVH) that will attenuate within a few hundred miles. Break in time is necessary. Read this write up from Camaro5 member robertway for more details.)

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