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Like Starminder I finally got to take delivery today. Pictures posted in the TPW 1/24 thread.
It was a long time coming, but well worth the wait, despite the rain we are now getting. Why do many of the pictures of us finally getting a Convertible show that it is raining at delivery time. More than one person suggested leaving it at the dealership for another day, but I just couldn't do it.
Because of the rain and rush hour traffic we took the back roads home, so I didn't get to open her up. What a rush it was anyway.
The Mrs thought she would be nice and let my 16YO ride shotgun, but as soon as the door closed with the top up her claustropobia kicked in and she needed to switch seats.
Haven't driven a manual for a while, and let me tell you this one is sweet, but I did grind 2nd twice. Anyone have any hints as to what I might have done wrong there? I figured with the short throw shifter a quick shift into second was appropriate, but it seems like a nice moderate shift is better. Never even got into 6th since we were on 40 MPH roads home.... in the rain... with the top up
The GMPP axle back exhaust sounded great, with a nice low rumble in the background and the hud kicked butt. Funny story there is that when a light changed on me and I hit the brakes the iPod happened to change songs and "Holy Water" popped up on the hud...... Did I mention it was raining? After thinking "holy she ite this car is sharp" I had a Flashback to the thread about "There's a cop behind you"
On Star was pretty cool, but kind of distracting to set it up on our initial drive home. Should have waited until I got into the garage and doing it while I was fiddling around with station presets and such.
Dealer didn't know to put the tanneau cover snaps in place, so I'll go back in a week or so after the painted on stripes cure so he can smooth out the ridges with clear coat and install the snaps.
One thing I don't like is that the car cover is not convertible specific in that the Shark fin fitting is still on the roof instead of on the trunk and it doesn't fit very well over the ground effects package. I probably won't put it that far down on the car for that reason.
I am so stoked to have this car finally in my garage. The dealer was great to work with today and bent over backwards to make it an enjoyable day.

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