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Fesler Built will be out at the show with their rig and wanted to know if you guys are interested in a CAMARO5FEST II DVD, we have the opportunity to bring out a ground crew that can ride along or be in a chase car and get some kick azz air footage with the helicopter of the track and events. We need to know how many of you would be interested in buying a DVD of the complete event. This would be top notch stuff with some cool footage of the entire event with extras for you guys.

All shot in HD with top of the line equipment so the video output will be hi res. There is no need to do Blue Ray but we can burn it into that format if you want to do it. We are trying to get the DVD around $29.95-$39.95 each. Please understand we are looking to just cover our cost on the event with the helicopter. I can do the ground crew no problem but want to work a deal and get the helicopter out for the day or two half days to cover the event. This will have some cost involved with it so I need to know how many people are serious about a DVD.

Any input from you guys/gals would be great and we look forward to helping the Camaro5 family out. For those of you that will not be at the event this will be a great way to experience it from your living room or computer. If this is a hit we would probably come out and cover most events for you guys.

Once I know how many we can sell to you guys we can figure out the rest.
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