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Next I added some performance.
  • Cold Air Induction's CAI
  • ADM Race Scoop
  • Washer Bottle Relocation

Although pricey the C.A.I. CAI is a nice piece. I went with the silver to brighten up things under the hood.

The CAI install is easy and should only take a few minutes. But the Scoop is harder. The best way to do this is peel back the fender liner. And since the Scoop needs the space where the washer bottle is, this has to be moved.

Also be aware you to trim a plastic plate to allow cold air in. This is easy with a dremel. Other methods not so easy. Use this project as an excuse to buy a dremel if you do not already have one.

Great thread on this here:

I did not want to cut any metal. So I built a bracket to let me mount my new tiny washer bottle on the now exposed stock intake post:

Here is the relocated washer bottle. Since it hold a lot less liquid than the stock one this is a weight saver!

Finished look:

You can really feel this mod. The car now makes a deep howl at high RPMs. You can hear the deep breathing. But it is not an annoying sucking sound I have heard on other cars with a CAI. Great mod and 15+ RWHP.

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