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Performance mods

Installapalooza time!

3/30/11 Ok, i tried to install all the parts in the first picture in two days, didn't happen. I was able to finished the COMPLETE BMR suspension (trailing arms, toe rods, front/rear sway bars, 1.4" lowering springs, complete pro bushings kit) and the complete XSPower 1 7/8" long tube headers and matching 3" full exhaust. The car now handles like it's on rails and sounds

EDIT:BTW, these DO NOT throw a code! I thought they did because they have an off road X pipe with no cats, but it turns out that one of the wires on my home made O2 extensions had come loose when I installed it. Now that I fixed it no more engine light!

Obviously every car is different and they might throw a code in your car, but I am just letting you know what is happening with my car. This system comes with 6 O2 bungs. There are 2 on each header collector and 2 on the X pipe. I installed the front O2s on the top collector bungs, the rear O2s on the side mounted O2 collector buns and left the X pipe bungs capped off with the provided caps.

Lowering springs
Exhaust sound clip

Total cost of today's mods: $1,999.65
XSPower headers and exhaust $750
Complete BMR suspension $1,249.65

4/1/11 Today i finished up the last of my pile of mods! I installed a 160* thermostat, ASP under drive pulley, LSR Tri-ax shifter and a Volant CAI. The intake seems like it made my exhaust a little louder which is even more awesome! The shifter was another huge pain in the ass to install but it was soooooo worth it. The shifts are now amazingly short!

Total cost of today's mods: $517.02
160* thermostat $36.31
LSR Tri-ax shifter $139
ASP under drive pulley $204
Volant CAI $137.71

4/5/11 Today I replaced my BMR 1.4" lowering springs with some BMR 1.0" lowering springs (I had ordered both the 1.4" 1nd 1.0" in case the 1.4" was too low). I LOVED LOVED LOVED the look of the 1.4" drop but when I tried to chase down why it was a little bouncy I found that the rear struts were sitting on the bump stops. I cut the bump stops to give the rear suspension some room to travel and the rear of the car dropped another 1". This of course was unacceptable. I called Apex and BMR, both had GREAT customer service. They said that I was pretty much the first convertible to install these springs and together we figured that the verts are probably too heavy for the 1.4" drop. They said to send them back for a full refund. The pics of the car with the black wheels is with the 1.0" drop.

FINALLY got my wheels in. Forgestar F14 18x8.5/18x11 with 245/45/18 & 315/40/18 drag radials. There is too much to list in this post so go here to check out the full details.
Cost of today's mods: $2,116.80
18x8.5/18x11 Forgestar F14 $1,299.00
Nitto NT05R drag radials (mounted and balanced) $617.80
off brand 245/45/18 (mounted and balanced) $150
Mounting, balancing, swapping sensors $50

6/6/11 Installed my VMAX ported throttle body today. Biggest waste of money. I felt no difference and all the dynos I have see show no power gains. I will also never buy anything from Janetty racing I had to wait 8 weeks on something they said would take 2-4 weeks and when i tried to cancel my order half way in they wanted to charge me $71 even though they had done nothing but charge my credit card.
Cost of today's mods $171.70
Vmax ported TB $171.70

6/13/11 Swapped out my Nitto NT05R 315/40 18 drag radials for my Falken Azenis 295/40 18 street tires so I wouldn't wear the drag radials out. The Nittos have a tread wear of 00 and the Falken have a tread wear of 200. I also ordered another set of 18x11 Forgestar F14s for my drag radials.
Cost of today's mods $ 600.16
Falken Azenis RT-615 295/40 18 $575.16
swapping tires $25

7/2/11 So I have a goal of reducing Ginger's weight without taking anything away from being able to daily driver. I was a little worried about this battery not holding up, since I always have my Ac on, stereo blasting and raise/lower my top multiple times everyday. I have had it on for almost a week now and it has been GREAT! It actually has a little more voltage than the stock battery. Keep in mind I also have the ASP under drive pulley so the alternator is spinning slower than stock and the battery still hold up great. Only think I don't do anymore is sit in the car with it off and lights/stereo on or operate the top. Stock battery is about 44 lbs and this one is just under 15 lbs. I also removed the compressor/slime and styrofoam holder. So all together I lost about 36 lbs. I used some foam pads I had laying around to secure the battery in the stock location.

Cost of Today's mod: $158.52
Braille 2015 15 lb battery $158.52

I just checked Ebay and found one for $130 shipped

8/26/11 Installed an Apex ram air scoop and relocated the washer bottle.

Cost of today's mods: $134.99

11/5/11 Ginger gets some 18x4 CTS-V spares to use as skinnies.

Total cost of today's mods: $561.97
two CTS-V 18x4 wheels: $180.00
two M&H 185/50 18 radials: $327.08
longer truck studs: $14.90
hub centric spacers: $39.99

1/25/12 Ginger swaps her 315/40 18 Nitto NT05R drag radials for 315/30 18 Hoosier drag radials.

Total cost of today's mods: I actually made $25!
Hoosier 315/30 18 drag radials: $375
Sold my 315/40 i8 Nitto NT05R drag radials $400

2/8/12 I hadn't planned on getting Ginger a driveshaft but I found a KILLER deal I just couldn't pass up! The install was pretty easy and very straight forward. I had to call The Driveshaft Shop and ask them for the torque specs and check a couple of things. They were great and very helpful even though I bought it used, nice bunch of guys.

Cost of today's mods: $475
Used 3.5" aluminum one piece drive shaft: $475

2/10/12 Mounted BFGoodrich G-Force T/A KDW 335/30 18 rear tires

7/14/12 Installed 18x10 Forgestar F14s with 285/40 18 Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercars

7/26/12 got some new to me 17x5/17x10 Weld RTS track wheels

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