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DIY: change Brake Pads/ rotors

I noticed awhile back that a few people were asking for a DIY for changing pads and rotors with some pictures. I figured I could snap a few pics when I was installing my new Hawk pads and write one up quick.

Tools Needed:

1/2" drive breaker bar with 3"-5" extension
1/2" drive ratchet
18mm and 22mm Socket
Torque Wrench
1/8" pin punch and hammer
T30 torx bit
wire coat hanger
floor jack and jack stand(s)
Optional - 2 C-clamps

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First break loose the lug nuts with the breaker bar, extension and 22mm socket. Next jack up the vehicle, secure with jack stand, and remove the wheel.

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Next step will be to loosen the pins that hold the break pads in. (this is much easier when the caliper is still bolted to the car) Using your 1/8" punch and hammer, hit these 2 pins so that they are broken loose.

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If you are only chaning the pads and don't intend to remove the rotors you may remove the pins completely and pull the brake pads out the top of the caliper. You might need to use a screw driver to pry the pads out by putting it thru the pin hole and prying up against the caliper. After getting the pads out you will need to push the pistons back into the caliper to make room for the new wider pad. I was able to do this by just removing the cap from the brake fluid resivoir and pushing them back squarely with my fingers. I only removed one pad at a time so the pistons on the other side of the caliper had nowhere to go and the fluid went back into the resivoir. Drop the new pads in, put the bottom pin all of the way thru and use your hammer to seat it back into position. next insert flat gold hold down spring under the bottom pin. Push down on the top of the spring so you can slide the other pin over it and into place. Seat that pin with the hammer and you are done.

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If you are removing the rotor as well, or if you want a simpler way to get the new pads into the caliper, you will need to remove the caliper. You will need the ratchet and 18mm socket to remove the 2 bolts on the back side of the caliper that hold it onto the car.

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DO NOT let the caliper hang by the break line. Use your wire coat hanger to hang the caliper from the spring.

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If you are chaning your pads with the caliper off you will still need to completely remove both of the pins holding in the pads. if you wish to use the C-clamps to retract the pistons, then don't remove your old pads yet. Use them to squarely and evenly push back the pistons with the C clamps. From that point changing the pads is the same as in the description above. I personally take the rotors off and rub them with some 240grit emery cloth or have them turned to get any residue from the old pads off.

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To Remove the rotor you will need to remove the T30 torx bolt from the rotor. After removing that bolt it should just pull straight off. *NOTE* if removing a back rotor you must have the E-brake disengaged in order to pull it off.

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To put everything back together simply to the reverse of how you took it apart. Make sure when you tighten your lug nuts back up you tighten them to the proper torque spec for your wheels. Factory wheel torques can be found in the owners manual under Capacities and Specs.

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