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I've been anxious to get to the track to try out the blower, track wheels and the new 75 shot. The TX2K11 race this past weekend was the perfect opportunity. We headed out there Saturday morning, and I ran the first couple of times on blower only to work on my burnouts and launches. I had a great time running Mike (mlee) with his new heads/cam/spray setup. Here's that race.

I got a big jump on him (1.63 vs 1.94 60 foot), but with the spray he was gaining quick. I pulled out the win, but our times were virtually identical (11.7961 vs 11.7975). Unfortunately he had to leave, so we didn't have the chance to run again.

I needed to get a qualifying run for Sunday so I decided to spray. I ran an 11:30 @ 126mph, which was obviously my fastest run of the day.

Sunday I pulled up next to a Porsche Turbo S after deciding to make another qualifying run. That car is all wheel drive, and even though I treed him he caught up and passed me at the very end.

Less than an hour later it was time to race. I pull into the staging lanes to find out I was racing the Porsche again! He'd qualified with a 10.90 to my 11.30. I had very little chance of winning anything (there were cars running in the 8s), but I was hoping to make it through the first round. After talking to Owen, we decided to go with a larger nozzle and up my spray to a 100 shot. I went through my burnout, purged the nitrous and lined up at the box. The Mickey Thompson's hooked right up and the car launched like a beast. I treed the Porsche again, but this time pulled away from him all the way down the track. Even more important, I ran a 10.87 at 127mph! I also made it into the 6s in the 1/8 mile.

I lost the next round to a car that was running 9s, but I didn't care. Getting into the 10s for a complete amateur like me was amazing!

Here's the time slip. I'm working on a video and will post it up later.
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